Lowell High School Yearbook

July 22, 2012

Forrest’s friend Diane kindly provided the following information. Note the emphasis on fundraising, ahem.

GOK, Forrest (to UC Berkeley): Intramurals, Cheapskate Club, CSF (California Scholarship Federation), Scroll, H-10 Treasurer, L-11 Treasurer, H-11 Vice President, H-12 Class President, L-12 Vice President, Reg (Homeroom) Rep, Reg Vice President, BCO (Board of Class Officers), BCO Vice Chairman, BCO Properties Commissioner, BCO Interim Chairman, Reg President, Senior Prom Committee, Junior Prom Committee, BCO Dance Committee, Ticket Seller, Chairman Junior Exclusive, Soph Exclusive Committee, Chairman Junior Prom Publicity, Grad Nite Committee, Senior Exclusive Committee, Senior Dinner Committee, Student Advisory Committee, Honor Roll

Fall 1971
The Class of Fall 1971 began one cold, blustery day in January 1969. We were introduced to the disciplinarians who were to keep us in bondage for eleven minutes each day for the next three years. Mr. Carl Koenig, our class sponsor, immediately instilled in our minds that the name of the game was money. We elected for our first term Debbie Garcia, Jane Strauss, Maria Wong, and Jeff Lang. Our immediate fund raisers included the infamous “Bomo” sale which saw Lowell L-10’s being sold into human bondage and our ever-popular coat hanger which netted a whopping sum of four dollars.

The following year brought us wads of money and President Abby Jeung, VP Laureen Jang, Secretary Sue Friedlander (Three cheers for Women’s Lib), and Treasurer Forrest Gok. Our first assorted fruit sucker sale went quite successfully. We worked closely with the Spring 1971 class to raise money for our jointly held “A Time for Us” at the St. Francis Colonial Room. Among our joint cash collecting tasks were the old 261-a newspaper fold-in drive and the football game concessions.

Our H-11 term brought our class closer to the activities scene. Our treasury was depleted by the expense of the Prom, and it was the job of the new officers–Bill Lahl, Forrest Gok, Clare Jang, and Sarah Wong–to gather greenbacks. We staged an interesting Halloween Picnic on Angel Island where we, along with the L-11’s, played the “mummy game,” barbecued chicken, sampled A. J. Pinfold’s Spam Surprise, and hiked for miles. This term also brought to life our Senior Spirit Newspaper, the longest-running class newspaper in Modern Lowell history, (10 issues) under Editor Helen Yee. What was to be our final exclusive, the biggy–“They Shoot Lasagna, Don’t They??”–was held on January 8, 1971, with a Roaring 20’s theme. Preceding “Lasagna” was, of course, “Ecliptic” and “Spring Fling.”

Valiant tries to have a variety of fund raisers only floundered, and we again had a couple of candy sales and a variation on the renowned “Bomo” sale, the ten dollar Brown Bag Bomo Sale, which brought to life Naomi’s shortcake and Sue’s “Lox on a Bagel.”

Our latest project became the Bestline products sale. This sale, also known as the Suds Sacrifice, was well-received by our generous parents or rather kids who talked their parents into buying the stuff. We as H-12’s elected Forrest Gok as President, Ron Kremling as VP, and two holdovers, Secretary Clare Jang and Treasurer Sarah Wong.

Our last term was highlighted with the advent of cheerful supporters: Debbie Yuen, the Prom Chairman, Elaine Lee, Leslie Brooks, Dede Steinfeld, Sue and Glenn Shelly, Robert Lee, Katrina Loskutoff, Helen, Maria, Tina, and lots of other assorted characters.

Our Senior Picnic was held at Turtle Rock Ranch, at the cost of only a dollar. Mr. Koenig’s burgers were the main attraction along with the dreary weather, Carrie’s dancing, and Wayne, Bob, Steve, and Brad’s indiscriminate shoving of every human into the pool including some non-floaters like…well, never mind. Our money came from our suckers, the 261-a vending machine, and the Walnetto distributor in 261-A.

Senior Buttons were sold by Ron, and many people were after the designer’s head when the unique design became known. Our Senior Dinner at Joe Jung’s provided us with the Pop Poll announcements and Eric Bickel’s folly, the Senior Movie, which showed us at our hammiest best, “Sparkling in the Sand,” the January 22 Senior Prom, was heavily attended.

We closed out our Lowell days at the auditorium, where it all began, amidst tears and sobs and speeches by Bill Lahl, Maria Wong, Sally Susnowitz, and Forrest Gok. Our high school education was finished as we, complete with cap and gown, raced out of the auditorium to the sounds of “With heads bared, we stand…” The Class of Fall 1971 was no more.

Forrest Gok
Class President
Fall 1971


One Response to “Lowell High School Yearbook”

  1. Marisa Addiego Coll Says:

    My condolences to Forrest’s family and friends. Forrest was my supervisor at Self-Help for the Elderly in 1993-94. It was my first job after graduating from college. I saw his obituary in the Chronicle today and I am truly sorry to hear of his passing.

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