Felicia Lowe Tribute

July 27, 2012

The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation was shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of former Board President, Forrest Gok. A consummate fund developer and publicist, AIISF was the beneficiary of his skills during the fertile days of growing the organization and funding strategies that led to the successful preservation of the Immigration Station barracks. Even off the board, he gave of his time, most notably as the lively, dynamic auctioneer at AIISF’s annual dinners.

Rare is the person whose professional career so defined his commitment to the community. The Chinatown Community Development Center, Asian Health Services, Self-Help for the Elderly are among the organizations for which he worked over the years. Forrest was also a loyal supporter of the arts, providing his genius as a publicist to writers and filmmakers alike. He handled the world premiere of my documentary, “Carved in Silence.” He will be sorely missed and remembered for his wry humor, impeccable taste, thoughtfulness, and generousity of spirit.


One Response to “Felicia Lowe Tribute”

  1. Grant Din Says:

    I knew Forrest for over 25 years as we’d run into each other in Asian American nonprofit fundraising and P.R. circles and events (often commiserating about one thing or another). I remember his by-line in the SF Journal and enjoyed reading his articles. We shared many laughs and everyone in the field really liked and respected Forrest and his work. We will all miss him and send our best to Jennifer and his family.

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