San Francisco Journal

July 31, 2012

The following information was provided by Rita Yee

San Francisco Journal, 1974-80

Forrest was a contributing editor and prolific writer for the San Francisco Journal, a weekly Asian American newspaper. I think this was his first writing job after he graduated from college.

His journalism contacts with the community paved many seamless next steps as a publicist for important Asian American events and community projects.

From 1974-1980, his articles covered every aspect of Asian American news. He was also the arts critic and captured the lively 70’s and 80’s Asian American theater, film and arts scene.

Some of Forrest’s last articles for the San Francisco Journal show the wide range of issues impacting Asians in America. Forrest was on the scene to witness many of these major events. Russell Lowe, who also worked at the San Francisco Journal, has provided the following list of articles Forrest wrote in 1980,

4/9/1980 Bilingual Employees Protest At “Talk In”
5/7/1980 C.A.N. Charlie Chan Vows to Continue Protest
5/28/1980 An interview with James Hong
7/23/1980 District Activists Gear Up For August 19 Supes Election
7/30/1980 The New Media Militants: or the dominant culture tries to put the squeeze on…

After the San Francisco Journal closed in 1980, Forrest continued to write reviews on Asian American films and cover news on the arts scene. He actively participated in leading a community protest against a Charlie Chan movie.

Here is a sample of his work:

Forrest, publicist for “The Fall of the I-Hotel”

Chew on “Dim Sum” (What a clever headline! Forrest was a witty wordsmith.)

Forrest Gok, was one of the spokespersons for the Coalition of Asians to Nix Charlie Chan, C.A.N. Chan, He assisted in leading a protest group against the opening of the movie, “Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen.” I think the picket line was at the Alhambra Theater on Polk Street.

He and other San Francisco Journal staff helped design and print the poster. The C.A.N. Chan poster is in an exhibit at the Oakland Museum.


One Response to “San Francisco Journal”

  1. Janice Hom Says:

    Just a correction to The CAN Charlie Chan protest – the line was at the Northpoint Theater

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